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Salesforce Solution Architect

System integration and software development
London, United Kingdom

What you will do

  • You will be responsible for analysing the processes and the requirements desired by the customer, to translate them into solutions on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud,, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Mulesoft ESB platforms. 
  • You will keep the quality of the developments high and ensure that best practices are respected. 
  • You will plan the evolutionary stages of the project by providing estimates in terms of effort and timing. 
  • You will have the opportunity to manage training sessions and provide support to users. 
  • You will interface with the customer to guarantee him/her a direct consultancy to forsee his/her needs. 
  • You will take care of the junior resources as a tutor. 
  • Consulting with the client and anticipating their needs will be your responsibility.  

Minimum requirements

  • Do you have experience with Java, Javascript, node.js, HTML5, sass, gulp and Git or any Turing-complete language? 
  • Are you familiar with Apex language? 
  • Do you know Ligthning Components and Aura Components? 
  • Are you familiar with development tools such as VSCode or eclipse? 
  • Are you willing to get involved and learn new technologies and products?  
  • Can you use the main personal productivity and project management tools (Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project or similar)? 
  • Do you always show enthusiasm for new challenges?  
  • Are you a native english speaker?   
  • Are you available for short, medium and long-term travel?  

You might just be the person we're looking for!

Other requirements

  • Have you already worked on System Integrator?  
  • Do you have experience in e-commerce, digital or CRM consulting? 
  • Do you have experience with integration technologies such as Web Services, JSON, REST?  
  • Do you have knowledge of the Dataweave language? 
  • Can you create a simple flow in Mulesoft that displays a Web Service and prints the incoming payload on the console? 
  • Are you familiar with creating APIs? 
  • Are you familiar with site genesis (pipelines and controllers)? 
  • Are you familiar with VSCode and eclipse development tools? 
  • Are you familiar with SFRA? 
  • Do you have experience with express.js, Javascript ES6, less, grunt, web pack, foundation, bootstrap, Mercurial, SVN, TDDD and CI? 
  • Are you used to work in a team in smart mode with gitflow?  

Even better!

  • toolsLatest generation corporate smartphones and laptops
  • PeopleAggregation activities and team building
  • workplaceOpen space offices
  • training Refresher courses and incentives